We asked Shauna from A Srub Above Cleaning Services her top tips for hiring a good cleaner, what to expect, and why does your house always seem cleaner when a cleaner does it?

Do you need a Cleaner or a Housekeeper? Let’s face it, ladies, keeping the house clean is a hard task at the best of times, kids, pets, toys, mess, dishes, laundry the list goes on.
I have employed the services of cleaners often over the past 7 years and undoubtedly they take a dreary task I hate off my shoulders. There is nothing nicer than coming home to a clean house that you didn’t have to slave over. My time is money and I have to weigh up can I be more productive working or cleaning?

I know from years of thinking I could do it all that my time is better spent on and in business, not taking all day to clean when I could employ a professional to do it in half the time. I recently had Shauna from A Scrub Above come and do a deep clean of my home, life has been nuts and as we know when you’re juggling many balls something has to give, for me, it was the housework.
Shauna did such a wonderful job, I can’t tell you how relaxed I felt knowing I didn’t have housework to do. So much so I told my family they weren’t allowed to shower in the main bathroom for 3 days until my mum came up to visit nor was I cooking until said date either as I didn’t want the stove to get dirty!
I don’t know about you but if the house is clean and tidy I feel like so is my mind and that Is worth gold to me.
After Mum visited and did all the laundry, bless her, I was looking at the neatly folded piles of clothes on the dining table, the mountain of dishes I accumulated since her departure and the loom bands scattered across the floor like confetti. I thought to myself, I actually need a housekeeper too.

So I wondered, do we know the difference?
I remember having this conversation with a friend a few years ago when I did a bit of work as a cleaner. When you employ the services of a cleaner, what do you expect? In my brief experience people expected a cleaner to do the role of a housekeeper and plain and simple, cleaners don’t get paid enough for that.

A cleaner is there to clean your home, bath, shower, floors, benchtops, toilets, vacuum and mop, dust and sometimes they’ll do your windows. If you’ve ever heard someone, say, I clean before the cleaner comes, they’re not wrong. You don’t need to clean so much as tidy. Its not the job of a cleaner to pick up all the toys before they vacuum or do the dishes or clear the bench to clean it. Granted some cleaners do these tasks because if they didn’t, they couldn’t do their job, but it isn’t part of their service.

A housekeeper on the other hand, they generally do all those things. They will do the laundry, put it away, pick up the toys and clear the benches, stack, and unstack the dishwasher, make and change beds, iron as well as do a general clean, things like; wipe down the benches and vacuum and mop, but skirting boards, toilets, windows etc that’s not part of what they do.  A housekeeper can even start dinner for you if that’s part of their service. Gawd, how nice would that be.

Being clear on the difference sets you and your service provider up for success, having reasonable expectations around what each service does means you’re not left feeling disappointed and the person you have employed can do the tasks required and not spend time on things that aren’t in their job description.

So, ladies, do you need a cleaner or a Housekeeper?

I need both ;( But I bet you’re reading this going well that’s easy for you to say Tori, you got a cleaner so you can obviously afford it. BUUUUP wrong! In fact, I couldn’t really afford it but I have learnt over many years in business and mental struggle that my time actually has a dollar figure attached to it. My time is worth money, I need to work to earn the dollar bucks and if I’m taking myself out of the game to complete a task not only do I despise but that also takes me far longer than a professional- that’s not smart business.
My value is working in and on my business and my J.O.B not cleaning my loo. If you understand what your time is worth then your justification for investing in a cleaner, housekeeper, cook, ironing lady, washing lady, garden man etc etc etc is valid and really, you can’t not afford to invest in one. Also weigh up the mental toll a task you can’t keep up with or don’t enjoy takes on you and your family, I can guarantee my family will tell you I’m a much happier person when the house is tidy, and washing is done. What is a happier life or mindset worth to you? .

Yes, having a domestic service regularly or occasionally is an expense but is it one you can afford not to have?  

We asked Shauna her top tips of hiring a good cleaner, what to expect and why does your house always seem cleaner when a cleaner does it?

A Bit About Shauna from A Scrub Above Cleaning Services

I am a mum of two toddlers. My son Winston just turned 1 and my daughter Amity will be 3. I recently started my business as I was really struggling to deal with juggling working for someone else and having young children.
Working for myself allowed me the flexibility that no one else could give me.
I know that in general, life is too busy to do a really thorough clean ourselves. Most homes for a general clean take 3-5 hours and deep cleans are all-day jobs. Rest assured, the tapware in my own home is never polished but it makes such a big difference when a cleaner does these little things!
I like to offer set packages rather than hourly rates and take my work very seriously, and I love to offer attention to detail. 

The Best part of my job

the satisfaction of getting things super clean! I love people’s reactions when they see their homes looking amazing. Booking a regular clean offers the convenience of knowing when your cleaner will be coming to the rescue and helps maintain your home, making it easier for you to keep on top of life.

It’s well known that a clean and tidy home has a direct impact on our mental health and as busy mums, the list of cleaning tasks is a never ending one so anything to reduce that overwhelm makes me feel like I’m really helping out.

Most popular area of the household for cleans

The Bathrooms! Definitely bathrooms. These are the hardest to maintain as they are generally the most used and most exposed to moisture, dirt, sweat, soap scum etc. It’s SO much more relaxing to shower or bathe in a sparkling clean bathroom.

My top tips for keeping your shower sparkling clean

Have you ever wondered how we get your showers so sparkly & clean? Here are my top tips & products – save this for later!

1. Remove everything from your shower to give yourself a clutter free space to clean
2. Spray your walls, glass and frame with fairy dish soap & water in a spray bottle & leave to sit for 5 minutes
3. Give everything a good big scrub with a non scratch scourer, paying special attention to the bottom of your glass and walls where soap scum builds up most commonly
4. Use a grout brush to scrub any dirty spots in your grout or silicone & use it to get into the small spots around the frame & corners
5. Squeegee everything down – walls, glass & floor
6. Spray the exterior with a few sprays of your fairy solution or a glass cleaner and wipe clean with a glass cloth
7. Dry off the interior of the glass with the same glass cloth, then wipe down your walls/ tiles
8. Use a dry microfibre to polish your taps & frame

Some go-to cleaning supplies every household should have in their cupboard are
Dishwashing liquid is amazing for so many surfaces! also, Jif or bar keepers friend and ‘skoosh’ multipurpose for more heavy duty jobs like soap scum build up or ovens.

One piece of advice you could share with someone starting out in a new business? Don’t sell yourself short – you will just attract the wrong clients. Good clients will pay what you are worth for quality.

Top tips of hiring a good cleaner:
Ask for recommendations or check Camden Mums Hub for recommended and reliable service providers!
Ask for a list of inclusions if they don’t supply one to you.
Make sure they are insured
Check reviews on Google, Facebook and social media posts. 

What to expect: Cleaner vs Housekeeper what a cleaner does and does not do – Cleaners do just that, clean (and generally a little tidy also) I personally tidy up where I can, and I also offer to make beds as part of our general clean, and change sheets/ make a fresh bed as part of our deep clean. Generally a housekeeper is more of a constant in the home, so a few times a week at least, and they complete additional tasks such as washing, ironing etc. 

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