In a world that often shies away from discussing grief, loss, and the challenging topic of dying, one remarkable individual has emerged as a beacon of hope and support. Nadine, the heart and soul behind ‘There Will Be Rainbows,’ is turning the tide of perception surrounding Stillbirth, Infant, and Child Loss. With a personal journey filled with heartache, she is dedicated to transforming the way we approach these difficult subjects, offering a ray of light to families navigating the darkest moments.

A Personal Journey Turned Guiding Light:

Nadine’s journey is one of resilience and compassion, born from her own experiences with infant loss.

“After 11 years of pondering and procrastination “There Will Be Rainbows” has finally launched from my heart and landed right here in Camden. After losing my Archie to PCH CASK mutation just 2 weeks before his 1st Birthday, I have travelled a road full of many potholes, floods (of tears), uphill pushes (with 4 flat tyres), downhill slides (with little to no brakes) and just absolute “all over the shop” chaos.
Grief is tricky.
It is like a continuous Halloween.
You are constantly wondering when it is going to jump out at you and, just like a haunted house, you have no control over when it will rear it’s ugly head.
It hasn’t been an easy journey for this Mummy, but along the many winding roads, I have found ways to celebrate my boy and to keep his memory very much alive…….I started this thought process and put it into action 4 months before Archie went to his new home at the Rainbow. It was not easy, but it has definitely made the lifelong journey of living without one of my three babies, that little bit more bearable. I’m hoping that I can do the same for you and your family.
I will do my best to make your journey through grief a little less scary. With some planning and support, I can show you that, even through grief and loss…..There Will Be Rainbows

Nadine G- Founder of There Will Be Rainbows.

Her dedication stems from a powerful desire to help others navigate the often overwhelming journey of grief and to change the narrative around these sensitive topics. Through ‘There Will Be Rainbows,’ Nadine has found her mission in supporting families during unexpected times of loss, right from the beginning and throughout their healing process. You can read more on her journey via her Fb page here:

Empowering Families with Comprehensive Support:

Nadine’s approach is deeply comprehensive, reflecting her commitment to making every aspect of the journey meaningful and personal. Here are some of the incredible features of ‘There Will Be Rainbows’:

  • Personalised Funeral Planning: In the face of loss, Nadine provides families with the opportunity to plan personalised funerals that celebrate the unique essence of their loved ones. Every detail is carefully considered, encouraging families to think outside the box and add special touches that honor the individuality of the departed.
  • Guided Support and Liaison: From the moment of loss, Nadine becomes an unwavering source of guidance and support. She serves as the first point of contact, taking charge of communicating and coordinating with all involved parties, allowing families to focus on their loved ones and their own healing.
  • Honoring All Ages of Child Loss: ‘There Will Be Rainbows’ recognizes that child loss knows no age limit. Whether a miscarriage, stillbirth, or sudden passing, Nadine ensures that all families have the opportunity to create beautiful and personalized farewells.
  • Gift of Time with the CuddleCot: A particularly precious aspect of ‘There Will Be Rainbows’ is their possession of a CuddleCot. This device grants families the invaluable gift of time, allowing them to spend cherished moments with their babies at home, creating memories that will be treasured forever.

Beyond Farewell: Continuous Support and Healing:

The journey doesn’t end with the funeral. Nadine recognizes the isolation that often follows loss as the world continues to move forward. ‘There Will Be Rainbows’ offers ongoing support to families through a collaboration with local doula ‘Mana with Maria,’ known as the ‘Rainbow Circle.’ This is a free community gathering that welcomes those who have experienced the loss of a child, no matter the age. It’s a space of shared understanding, support, and love, ensuring that no one walks their path of grief alone.

A Message of Hope:

Through Nadine’s inspiring work with ‘There Will Be Rainbows,’ families are reminded that even in the darkest of times, there are rays of light waiting to emerge. Her unwavering dedication to changing the conversation surrounding grief, loss, and dying is creating a ripple effect of compassion and understanding. By sharing her own experiences, offering personalised support, and creating spaces of connection, Nadine and ‘There Will Be Rainbows’ are guiding families toward healing and reminding them that even in the stormiest moments, there will be rainbows.

In a world where grief is often an isolating journey, Nadine’s work stands as a testament to the power of community, compassion, and embracing every colour that life has to offer, even amidst the rain. Through ‘There Will Be Rainbows,’ in Camden, Nadine has transformed her pain into a source of comfort and support, forever changing the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path.

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