In the realm of Wedding Day Keepsakes, Resin Art should be top of your list! Read on to find out why

My Wedding Day seems like a lifetime ago now, I remember envisioning the perfect bouquet. Planning every tiny detail in my wedding diary, and pouring over bridal magazines- It was quite the scrapbook extravaganza. Seeing my bouquet for the first time on the morning of my wedding day is etched into my memories forever, even more perfect than I imagined.
Afterwards, I made the heartfelt decision to gift my bouquet to my mother, a gesture that brought tears to her eyes. She cherished it dearly, wanting to preserve its beauty for eternity. But, despite her best efforts to dry it out and hold onto it forever, the delicate petals began to wilt and eventually, the bouquet found its way to the bin. I can’t help but think how different it might have been if resin art had been available to preserve my bouquet. This innovative technique offers a timeless solution to capturing the essence of your wedding day into a lasting keepsake.

Leanne, the visionary behind Riley Designs, understands the profound significance flowers hold in our memories. With her expertise in flower preservation, she elevates these fleeting moments into enduring treasures.

Wedding Day Resin Art Keepsake Artist- Leanne Riley

It must be said, that being a Resin Artist isn’t the most glamourus job! Proper Protective gear is essential but what Leanne creates is something that is absolutely stunning. Read on as Leanne shares why resin Art is the perfect keepsake for your Wedding Bouquet and your most cherished memories below

Flowers hold a beauty that captivates us, they seem to become part of our cherished
memories. What if we could extend that elegance beyond
their natural lifespan?  Step into the realm of flower preservation, where we can
safeguard the memories of your most significant day.

“Preserving your wedding bouquet is a heartfelt homage to the love, joy, and promises
exchanged on that sacred day. It’s a testament to the depth of emotion and the enduring
bond shared between two souls. With every preserved petal, you’ll find yourself
transported back to that moment of vows exchanged and hearts entwined.”

Leanne- Owner of Riley Designs, Wedding Bouquet & other Resin Art Keepsakes

Beyond Flowers, Resin Art Captures the Essence of Your Commitment

Your wedding bouquet represents the beginning of your journey together as a married
couple.  Preserving it serves as a constant reminder of the promises you made to each
other on your wedding day and the dedication to your love, reinforcing the bond between
you and your partner.

Your bouquet represents a significant part of your wedding day.  You invest hours researching inspiration;
collaborating with your florist, you meticulously convey your vision, discussing seasonal
availability and colour schemes to achieve perfection.  With the substantial investment in
flowers, consider this: once your wedding day concludes, how many details last a
lifetime?  While time inevitably moves forward, it’s those finer moments that hold the
most sentimental value, transporting us back to cherished memories.

The Perfect Keepsake for Future Generations

As time passes, memories fade, but your preserved wedding bouquet serves as a
timeless memento.  Relive the delicate fragrance that filled the air as you walked down
the aisle, or trace the gentle curve of each petal, reminiscent of whispered promises.
Preserving your bouquet creates a cherished heirloom that can be passed down through
generations. Imagine sharing not just stories, but the actual flowers from your wedding
day with your children, grandchildren and beyond.

One Bouquet Transforms into Multiple Treasures

Gifting preserved flowers from your wedding is a heartfelt way to share your love,
memories and appreciation with those who mean the most to you.  Whether it be the
mother and father of the bride or groom, or gifts for the bridal party they can cherish the
memories of your special day too.
A preserved wedding bouquet can be displayed in your home as a sentimental and
meaningful piece of décor.  Whether showcased as a simple block or as a functional
piece such as coasters or bookends, it adds elegance and romance to your living space.
Ultimately, preserving your wedding bouquet into a resin art keepsake is a personal decision, but it offers a lasting way to honour and celebrate the love and union you share with your partner, preserving
the beauty and significance of your wedding day for a lifetime.  Keep alive the beauty
that adorned your union, symbolising the ever-blooming love you share.

Riley Designs is localted in Narellan Vale, Specialising in preserving:
*Bridal bouquets
*Engagement flowers
*Christening flowers &
*Memorial flowers, every petal holds a unique story.

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