Finding a business that aligns with your passions and values is crucial for achieving a harmonious work life balance. Sometimes it might start as a passion on the side and evolve to something bigger that you imagined. You may even find you pivot along your way to something slightly different as you discover who your audience is, what it is they want and need and how to create irresistible offers that have your customers returning!
We’re taking a look at Rebecca jane Singh Designs and how she has built her brand to create customised apparel, giftware and branded items to help other fellow business owners create unique brand experience.

Affectionately known as Bec, the heart and soul behind Rebecca Jane Singh Design. She’s the powerhouse behind the business RJS Design is a haven of all things custom, branded, and personalised. Bec has transformed her passion for design into a thriving business that leaves a lasting mark on brands, events, and gifting experiences.

The Evolution of Rebecca Jane Singh Design

Rebecca embarked on her creative journey in 2017 under the moniker Rebecca Jane Singh Photography & Design. In 2021 a significant transformation took place – a rebranding that not only changed the name but also marked a pivotal shift in focus. The business evolved from graphic design, branding, and photography to a multifaceted realm, delving into the world of custom and personalised goods. The decision to rebrand wasn’t made overnight. Rebecca deliberated, teetering on the fence. But here’s the magic – she realized that pondering the change was holding her back from serving you, her clientele, better. So, the leap was taken, the business rebranded, and the focus fine-tuned to cater to your needs more effectively.

Now, let’s talk about what Rebecca Jane Singh Design is all about. It’s your one-stop haven for custom branded business merchandise, a place where unique products meet your branding, gifting, and event needs, here to elevate your brand identity.
Whether it’s apparel, mugs, tumblers, labels, stickers, home decor, signage, or more – she’s got you covered.

Sourcing Unique Products

Rebecca Jane Singh Design is all about sourcing unique products that make your brand, gifting, and events truly memorable. It’s not just about visual appeal but about products that embody the essence of your brand or occasion. The curated selection spans branded merchandise, corporate gifting, and event essentials. Personalise your brand, show appreciation through thoughtful gifts, and make your events unforgettable with exclusive items that set you apart.

Passion for Creativity, Quality, and Detail

At the heart of Rebecca Jane Singh Design is a passion for creativity, quality, and attention to detail. Rebecca is dedicated to helping you create a remarkable brand presence and unforgettable experiences. The collection is a testament to her commitment to transforming your vision into reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Rebecca Jane Singh Design, and let your brand, gifting, and events shine like never before. Get ready to craft memories that last a lifetime! Explore the collection here