With pieces you can wear that take the pressure off.

When was the last time you looked through your wardrobe and told yourself you have absolutely “NOTHING TO WEAR”? We’ve put together some simple ideas for a wardrobe refresh with pieces you can wear year-’round!

We’ve all been there; Glancing at garments, flipping through frocks, scanning through an assortment of sweaters, shirts, and shoes only to end up in our trusted favs.
If you’re like me, you might put your wardrobe refresh ideas & outfit choices to the back of the to-do list but looking good and feeling fabulous can set the tone for your entire day.
Your outfit says a lot about you, the person you portray to yourself, and the world.  Ask yourself; even if you’re home for the day, how do you want to look? If it’s wearing ‘whatever’, how does that make you feel? What is your outfit saying right now? 

Admittedly, I’m writing this in my Pjs, It’s the weekend and I do love a slow Sunday; a good cosy set of matching Pj’s with my big warm fluffy dressing gown and slippers – BUT on any other morning, i’m usually in black tights a T-shirt, sneakers, my hair in a bun with a scrunchie, and some makeup- off I go. 
As much as I enjoy putting on my favs, they don’t feel great for all occasions or ALL OF THE TIME. God forbid they’re in the wash when I need them for the third time in a week!
Looking and feeling like I wanna high-five myself, giving the day 100% is where I want to be!

So what can we do to look good and feel good about ourselves with the clothing we already have? And do we really need a wardrobe REFRESH? Here are some simple ideas for you to consider:

Clear It Out!

Do an overhaul, a declutter session, a spring clean and do it often. The more regularly you can cull, the less overwhelming it may feel. 

If you’re holding onto something for future, for when you ‘get your body back’, I’m here to tell you to remove it from your closet, remove that pressure from yourself coz you are A TOTAL BABE!
Treat yourself with self-love as you would your children and remember the size on the tag is honestly just a number, you can dress for your size and still look & feel like a million bucks! 

After kids, I felt like I mourned the body I once had for a long while. I went from a size 8 to a 16 between the births of my boys including the twins and kept a heap of clothes from my pre-baby bod – thinking they may fit one day. The truth is, even if they did they’re not even in line with my style and who I am becoming.
Now with a simple mind shift, I remind myself how amazing my body is, what it has done for me, and what blessings it has brought me. I can still work towards getting my body back when I’m ready without the pressure of trying to squeeze into clothes that no longer fit.

For anyone familiar with the Kon Mari method, it’s an emotional process. Ironically enough, it’s aimed at removing the emotion we associate with our clothing and instead, focusing on what brings us JOY!

Watch Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, it’s life-changing!
Learn more here https://konmari.com/what-is-konmari-method/

If you feel like you don’t have the time or are ready to let it all go, you could also just commit to getting rid of the stained & broken, items along with the ones you haven’t worn since 2015.
Keep in mind, if you wouldn’t pass it down to a family member or friend, then it isn’t in good enough condition to donate.
These un-donatable items can be handed into H&M stores in any brand and in any condition. Hand in your bag of old clothes at the cash register and receive a thank-you voucher to use toward your next purchase. Easy! Once you’ve dropped off your previously loved fashion in one of our garment collecting boxes, our business partner takes over. 

Where else to donate unwanted clothing:

  • Lifeline
    8-10 Queen Street, Narellan
  • Salvos
    8/4 George Hunter Street, Narellan
  • Lifeline
    147 Argyle Street, Camden

2. It’s time to organise

Part of not having anything to wear is simply not being able to find your clothing and accessories easily!

Depending on your wardrobe space, you can sort and separate garments for hanging and others folded neatly and in view. By having a set space for different items, you’ll be able to keep things tidier too. 
Items you use most such as work wear should be easy to reach and depending on the season, you could switch items to the back of cupboards that you won’t be wearing until summer returns or vice versa.
Vacuum sealed bags are your best friend for space saving!

If you’ve watched the Home Edit on Netflix, (one of my favourite shows!) you’ll have learned that everything sorted by colour makes items easier to find and much more pleasing to the eye! 

Get some inspo here: https://www.instagram.com/thehomeedit/

3. Shop with intention.

Whenever I’m shopping, I find I’m drawn to the same styles and items I already own! I love a bargain but sometimes don’t end up loving those impulse buys as much afterward so I end up trying to justify the purchase & holding onto them way longer than necessary. 

If you find yourself in the same situation, it’s a great idea to ask yourself a couple of questions: 

  • “Do I already have something similar to this?
  •  “Will this item work well with other items I already own?” or 
  • “is it just a trend I’ll not likely wear again often?”

Shopping with the intent to buy pieces you need over what you like or on a whim will mean less closet overwhelm!

Our local Mum and Daughter duo from Fashion Boutique 28 Ruby Lane shares their fashion tips-

Debbie & Tegan Let us know their customer’s favourites and what pieces you didn’t realise you can wear all year round

Discover the Fashion Oasis in Camden: 28 Ruby Lane

In the heart of Camden, where history meets modernity, you’ll find a hidden gem that’s been creating waves in the local fashion scene since 2020. Meet the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind the magic – Debbie and Tegan, the visionaries behind 28 Ruby Lane. In this feature, we dive into the story of this local fashion boutique, their journey during the challenging times of the pandemic, and why their unique dresses have become a sensation in Camden!

We are a mother-daughter duo, Debbie and Tegan. This has been a long-time dream and we kicked off 28 Ruby Lane during Covid in 2020. We originally started the business online and attended markets. We now have our brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Camden.

We both have aspects of the job we love more than others. Debbie loves to do our purchasing and this has become one of her main roles in the business. Tegan loves the social aspect of the business and getting to meet and build our wonderful relationships with all our customers.

Top Picks

Our top sellers would be our gorgeous array of dresses. Customers love them because they are unique give a great shape and are size inclusive. Dresses would definitely be a favourite fashion trend, we keep an extensive array of dresses in stock because they are trans-seasonal for example:

Summer: Wear with your favourite Sandals

Autumn: Simply layer them with some boots & a cardigan

Winter: Add on a scarf, stockings and a blazer

Spring: Pair with some Sneakers and T-shirt!

Our go-to closet staples would definitely be our Betty Basics Range. These pieces include sweats, knits, shirts, and joggers- closet staple pieces that go with every outfit idea that every woman needs. They wash and wear well, are at a great price point, and are of course size-inclusive.

One of the biggest obstacles we faced was starting a business during Covid. With restrictions in place and events constantly being cancelled, it was hard to get our name out there and showcase our products but persistence has paid off. In business, there will always be obstacles in your way. Don’t give up on your dreams and find a way to make it happen. By building strong relationships with other women in business, it’s great to have their support.

Discover 28 Ruby Lane

If you’re eager to explore the treasures of 28 Ruby Lane and witness the magic for yourself, visit their brick-and-mortar store in Camden. With an ever-evolving collection of dresses and other fashion essentials, you’re sure to find something that resonates with your unique style.

Find out more about 28 Ruby Lane and keep up with their latest offerings at