Has it become evident that you might not be prioritising yourself, not making the time for self care, to get outside, not nourishing your body at least some of the time, not hydrating or making time to move and we need to ask, why aren’t you?
You’re not fooling anyone with your late night tv shenanigans, depriving yourself of things you need, rushing to appointments for everyone else but YOU, and your reasons might be completely warranted.
We get it – life can be hectic.
But let’s talk about you for a moment.
You deserve a bit more self-love and care than you’re currently granting yourself.

Research shows that women in their 30s often find themselves juggling career, relationships, and sometimes the chaos of parenthood. It’s like doing a high-wire act without a safety net. Stress levels can shoot through the roof, and that’s not just a vibe; it’s a harsh truth.

Aussie women in their 30s are not just warriors at work; they’re also the unsung heroes at home. A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals that women carry the mental load, managing household chores, childcare, and family schedules. It’s like being the CEO of a company that never sleeps.

And let’s not forget the biological rollercoaster that is your 30s. This is the time when your metabolism decides to throw a little party, and your body starts playing tricks on you. Hormones are doing the cha-cha, and suddenly, the late-night snacks have a way of sticking around longer than they used to.

If I knew this, I could have led a more meaningful life that works for me and my needs in 5 months instead of 5 years!

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons when we least expect it. A few years ago, I was in the middle of raising toddlers and a baby, crafting, cleaning, feeding, cleaning – trapped in my own thoughts, struggling to reach out for support, often not recognising the person I saw in the mirror.
She was tired, worn out, her smile was never as big and the sparkle in her eyes wasn’t there.
I was burnt out in all aspects of mylife because I put my self at the bottom of my list.
At times it brought me to a dark pl ace, every day felt like Groundhog Day but hitting rock bottom can pave a new and better path, it also led me to discover the importance of letting go and embracing the right people, opportunities, and energy.

I figured out quickly what I didn’t like in my life and I’d complain about EVERYTHING.
I knew what wasn’t working but couldn’t figure out how to change it and that’s when I decided to start my own business.
I needed freedom raising little ones and something just for ME!

Once I started learning about all things business, it felt quite addictive, sometimes all consuming and I won’t ever hide the fact that it was a massive learning curve, with the biggest lessons about self!
I could feel that fire come back, that drive, reminding myself that I could be more than just a Mum.
I started finding my way back to me slowly, I started finding new ways to romanticise my life, I knew that I wanted to show my kids that self love is so important, that anything is possible and that life can be all that you want it to be!

Sometimes, the greatest transformations happen when we release the negativity and welcome positivity into our lives, for me now, I won’t accept anything less than amazing. Sure there are still the lows but I can see the warning signs, I can catch myself getting snappy and find new ways to fill my cup.

So, why does wellness matter so damn much? It’s not just about fitting into those jeans or looking good for Insta. It’s about survival and thriving in a world that demands your A-game 24/7.
Ever heard of burnout? It’s not a myth; it’s a genuine concern. A report by the Australian Psychological Society reveals that women, especially in their 30s, are more susceptible to burnout due to the relentless demands of work and home life. It’s like running a marathon, but instead of a finish line, you find another starting line

It’s high time you did more for YOU, know that it’s totally ok to put yourself in that number 1 spot and remind yourself that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Here is a helpful list we’ve put together for you to try!

  1. Hug someone you are about
  2. Make a healthy meal plan
  3. Declutter or organise something that’s just yours
  4. Make a list of the places you want to travel, movies to see, restaurants to eat at, books to read, etc.
  5. Have friends over for a wine & cheese night (or whatever kind of night you’d like!)
  6. Make your favorite drink in your favorite mug (bonus points if you curl up with a good book)
  7. Get outside, go for a walk or bike ride and enjoy the fresh air, visit the beach
  8. Call your best friend and have a long chat
  9. Pack a picnic and watch the sunset or sunrise with a loved one
  10. Make a playlist & just dance around to it for fun
  11. Try a new recipe (comfort food or healthy, you decide)
  12. Go to a bookstore and just slowly wander the shelves
  13. Drive somewhere special and just sit and enjoy your surroundings
  14. Buy yourself a treat from a gourmet shop
  15. Make a DIY Craft, Draw or Paint or take up a class
  16. Free write a stream of consciousness writing, or brain dump… whatever you call it, just write
  17. Have breakfast for dinner
  18. Cuddle with a fur baby
  19. Watch a nostalgic movie
  20. Give yourself a manicure & pedicure or book some pampering in for yourself!

    We hope you’ll feel inspired to make more time to schedule in your own Self Care!
    Download a copy of our Free Self Care Checklist in 2024 here